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The Luis Ramirez Murder: A Logical Step in the Process of Establishing a Subhuman Class

Dearest Nezua:

Carnal, as usual, you always cut down to the bottom line, your blog is one of my most favorites for many reasons, but what I like best is that you don't a) mince words and, b) you don't, rightly so, apologize, as the name of your site clearly proclaims, I also admire your writing skills, such a powerful tool to have, 'The Pen more powerful...." .

You are such a powerful voice for Equality and Justice and we are so fortunate to have you amongst us.

Thank you for spreading the word about the good work that our sisters and brothers at The Sanctuary do, I do also try keep up with the good work at Citizen Orange, I do know how important it is to have more of our voices heard and equally necessary is to link up, collaborate and assist each other (I also love your artistic work with graphics and I do recognize it when I see it - thank you for helping, even so you are always so busy)

Long life and the best for you are my wishes, we need you.

So honored with your visit and comment.


by nezua. written Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 6:43 am

THREE THINGS immediately shock the conscious soul upon learning about the murder of Luis Ramirez. The simple manner in which he died is the first of those. His death was a gruesome and violent one, and inarguably racially motivated. And yet, that is not the most horrific part of the killing.


THE SANCTUARY EDITORS (who were alone, even among well-established advocacy groups, in prompting Presidential Candidate Obama to clearly outline his position on immigration policy while running for president) have now issued a position paper on the Luis Ramirez Murder.

We’ve taken our time with it, writing it over a few days. We have been very disappointed overall with how this story is being framed. This is not just another “hate crime.” This is not a disparate event to be mingled and mixed with every biased attack. As La Mala puts it over at VivirLatino:

Seems li[k]e every org and their mother want to take the recent injustice in the Luis Ramirez murder case and use it for toned down cries for justice separated from the multiple places that breed the kind of hate and disrespect that led to the crossroads we as a community find ourselves at now.

This is not just a tool to be used to leverage the current hate crime bill before the House and then call it even. This crime and subsequent unjust court ruling is a call to look over an entire system which has built a permission into our culture, an imperative and a directive to harm that is now being taken up all over and resulting in killings like that of Luis Ramirez.

Read the entire piece to understand why this is not just “another hate crime.”:


By The Sanctuary Editors

Three things immediately shock the conscious soul upon learning about the murder of Luis Ramirez. The simple manner in which he died is the first of those.

Ramirez, a father of three, was beaten to death in the streets of Pennsylvania by as many as seven young men who were at the end of a night of drinking. The motive? Judging by the slurs heaped upon him along with the many blows to his body: apparently nothing more than being out at night while Mexican. The teens who ganged up on Ramirez came upon him walking with a young woman, reportedly his girlfriend’s sister. Obviously bringing threat, they asked him what he was doing out at that time of day. Then they set upon him. In the end it was a final hard kick to the skull which left the 25-year-old father convulsing on the concrete with fatal brain damage.

The Luis Ramirez Murder: A Logical Step in the Process of Establishing a Subhuman Class

Read the entire piece.

Hispanic / Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition SF

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Vicente Duque said...

Racist and Hate Demonstrations in Shenandoah Pennsylvania against Latinos, these last days.

More Racism against Latinos in Shenandoah Pennsylvania. More Demonstrations of Hate with Hundreds of Racist Bastards, these last days !!

After the Coward Terrorist Murder of Luis Ramirez on Juyly 2008 by a gang of Six Coward Football Players.

While the men yelled racial epithets at Ramirez, they punched and kicked his head and body so severely that he lay foaming at the mouth with two skull fractures.

Once Ramirez was on the ground he was continually kicked until brain matter leaked from his skull.

And they were acquitted by a Racist Trial, Racist Judge, Racist Jury, Racist Prosecutor, Racist District Attorneys.



I am going to tell you what Latinos, Minorities, Asians, Native American Indians, and all those considered as "darkies" or "brownies" should do.

They should avoid being recruited for Wars, that is for Racist Genocide, Racist Extermination and Mass Murder. Do not go to collaborate in more Holocausts.

Three million Asiatics were exterminated in Vietnam like flies, with airstrikes and with Orange Agents, Defoliants and Dioxins.

The land was poisoned for generations, Vietnam is very cancerigen.

Wasn't three million deaths enough ??
Wasn't that Genocide enough ??
Wasn't Vietnam enough ??

Now Bush with Bible Quotations has declared a Terrorist "Crusade" ( Bush Words ) against other "darkies" and "brownies", primitive tribal people in pajamas.

Latinos, Minorities !!
Do not collaborate with that Coward Genocide.

Thousands of Children, Women and the Old killed in Airstrikes.

If your life is not guaranteed inside the U.S. ... Six Coward Bastards can kick you to death while you lie unconscious on the ground !

Then why are you going to kill innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan ??

Not a single person killed there knew about September 11 before it happened.

And to think that George W. Bush is a poor idiot manipulated with Bible Quotes !!

Manipulated by people that are shareholders of Contractors and the Military Industrial Complex as defined by President Eisenhower, also shareholders of Oil Companies. And that are becoming richer with these Idiotic Bastard Wars.

Vicente Duque