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Frightened Citizen Tells Of ICE Raid: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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by: symsess

Fri Oct 03, 2008 at 09:40:50 AM EDT

ICE agents raid the home of Olga Savage and are shocked to find she's a citizen. This is exactly where this country is headed if we continue to allow these ICE raids. It's not enough the violated her personal space, but they refused to apologize for doing so and their actions caused her to fear she'd die as her blood pressure rose to 280. While the ICE agents returned to their camp, probably laughing, Olga drove herself to the hospital needing immediate care. (from Greg Siskind's blog)

Damn Mexicans points out that John F. Kennedy ran Spanish ads in 1960 showing this is not a new happening because Hispanics want to replace the English language, but instead it's a tradition.

symsess :: Frightened Citizen Tells Of ICE Raid: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere
Original Post at KGBT4.COM Call 4 Action: Mistaken immigration raid?

I'm still catching up on the debate, but it's only solidified my distaste for Palin and the McCain camp in general. Why is the average American refered to as "Joe six pack" anyway. Doesn't that just make you think of Hank from King of the Hill? Is the average American an alcoholic? La Chola believes Biden won because he didn't pull out any "folksy bulls---." I agree. When you have to use dumb catch phrases and mannerisms to connect with people it just shows your lack substance.

Dream Act Texas references a New York Times editorial providing information about both McCain's and Obama's position on immigration. Neither are absolutely pro-migrant, but McCain is slightly more troubling in his flip-floppins on this issue. Having been co-sponsor of legislation considered "amnesty" by nativist groups he's now simply an enforcement/wall-first candidate. That's not going to help anyone.

Krikorian and Malkin are so ridiculous with their anti-migrant rhetoric that some conservatives are embarrased.

Joe Arpaio may be America's "toughest" sheriff, but apparently he doesn't want to debate his opponent in the upcoming election.

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