Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo Slide Shows & Videos of the September 23, 2008 and August 15, 2007 Protests Against Michael Savage / Clear Channel

These are Photo Slide Shows of the First and Second Protests against Hate Speech, Defamation and Misinformation in the Media, specifically targeting Michael Savage / Clear Channel Communications / KNEW 910AM, at their Broadcasting Booth / Offices, located in the 340 Townsend Street in San Francisco California.

The first was held on August 15, 2007, during which we presented a written request to meet with the local Management of CCC to ask them to put a stop to the hateful language used by Mr. Savage against our community, specially against immigrants, for whom Michael Savage reserved his most poisonous and vitriolic attacks, furthermore, we requested a start to negotiations toward achieving a more inclusive make up of their personnel and staff, so it would reflect the diversity of the local communities they are obligated to serve, as per conditions for their broadcasting license as stipulated under the FCC rules.

After a year of refusals by the local Management of KNEW / CCC to engage in serious negotiations, the Hispanic / Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition SF, was compelled to make another attempt to call to their attention the seriousness of our requests, which one year later have become demands, to have their unrepentant-star-hatemongering-shock-jock, Michael Savage, removed from their programming lineup.

So, on September 23, 2008, members of the Hispanic / Latino Community, allied with other Communities and Organizations under the banner of the HLADC-SF, revisited the matter by demonstrating their frustration and righteous indignation at the callous refusals of KNEW / CCC / Michael Savage, to even make an effort in good faith, to hear our grievances and requests, that by now are demands, to stop the wrongs that are committed daily against us by Michael Savage / Clear Channel Communications / KNEW.

We hold Clear Channel Communications / KNEW / Michael Savage directly responsible for the increase of violent hate crimes perpetrated against our under-siege community.

The Photo Slide Shows below, document our two demonstrations / protests.
The photos and the slide shows were taken / created by Mr. Manuel Ortiz of Alianza Metropolitan News
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"September 23, 2008 Protest Against Michael Savage / Clear Channel"
"August 15, 2007 Protest Against Michael Savage / Clear Channel"
August 14, 2007 "The Savage Debate" SF City Hall Press Conf. (YouTUBE Video by the opposition)
August 15, 2007 "Protest Against Michael Savage / Clear Channel" (YouTUBE Video by the opposition)

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