Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shouts against the racist on the radio Michael Savage: ¡GO AWAY ANIMAL!

Voices of our people inflamed against the enemy #1 of the immigrant: Michael Savage
Edgard E. Martínez
Septiembre 23, 2008
Dozens of demonstrators in their majority Hispanic, congregated in front of the building of Clear Channel Radio, in the 340 of Townsend street, in San Francisco, California, to protest the radial station that allows the transmission in national chain to the United States, of a program of commentaries with an issue that has gained the repudiation of the immigrants generally, but very particularly of the Hispanics, to those who it attacks with excessive viciousness and which shows a shameless racism, this reason is why it is catalogued as the enemy number one of the immigrant community, the controvertial 'personality' is Michael Alan Weiner, that as the delinquents, is AKA " Michael Savage" , as proclaimed by himself with this apparent 'pseudonim.'

A people united, will never be defeated
The demonstrators arrived from all the points in Northern California, many of them in a train originating from San Jose, in the South Bay of San Francisco, which was boarded by dozens of Hispanos in the several stations of the line and arrived at 4 of afternoon, the precise hour programmed to start the demonstration and that was baptized as " The Hispanic Dignity Train".

The event was led by the conductor of radio, the colleague, Marcos Gutiérrez, who from his program "Made in California" that is transmitted from 1010 A.M. in San Francisco and 990 A.M. in Sacramento, and who made the call for the second consecutive year to protest against the pseudo commentator, with the support of his faithful radio listeners, several organizations and unions from NorCal.

Gutiérrez, in one of his interventions placed emphasis on the injurious and detrimental effects resulting from the attacks against the immigrants, from racists like Michael Savage, which have increased the attacks of hatred against them, according to statistical reports from the police and a recent FBI report.

The demonstrators delivered speeches of denunciation against Savage for the string of insults and calumnies that pour out everyday against the immigrants. Once more they demanded to the radio station the cancellation of this program and threatened an economic boicott against the sponsoring companies of the program.

Amongst the protesters, there were also Anglos-Saxons who also support the immigrants, specially our undocumented people, who as some speakers said " They break lomo" (Lomo=Back) - working hard to give growth to this nation which is also ours by adoption. Among the present of all the ages and sexes, transgender people (transsexuals) who also are victims, repudiated the intolerance and scorn held in the soul of this mental patient.

Shouts of GO AWAY ANIMAL were heard. An adolescent, Sean Griffin, shouted in English and Spanish, " I am son of an Anglo-Saxon father and proudly with a Mexican mother, and I say to you Michael Savage, lárgate" (lárgate=go away). Other children also came out in defense of their parents without legal documents in the nation and some of these interventions were transmitted live by radios 1010 and 990.

Of colleagues of the radios, Hispanic television outlets, and written press, fierce defenders of the immigrants from its spaces, we had the short-sightedness of NOT seeing anybody/anything… would have they been on special assignments somewhere out there?

This protest, to say that it was successful, exceptionally pacific and orderly, is saying too little and, supported by the sounds of the horns of the very many cars that circulate around that busy street, but for it's organizers, we will say that they must throw in more desire to the issue, because once per year it is like what the saying and the song of the Puma say: " One swallow doesn't make spring and a gull loses itself in the sea".


So that you know who this old poisonous old man is, we will tell you that he was born of a father with the same name, Michael Alan Weiner, of a Jewish family of Russian origins that lived in the Bronx and died to the 50 years of a heart attack. When Savage (Salvaje el equivalente en Español) writes or comments on his childhood he describes as "diffícult" started working from early age and blames his father to whom he describes as " Rude and with a profane personality" , as to the "profane" the way Michael judges his ancestor means he is telling him a lot: "disrespectful of the sacred, ignorant of everything, dishonest, bold, libertine and he only left out describing his father as a son of a b… "

I take the opportunity here to tell you dear Michael, that you give feelings of pity that you have been an abused boy, that you give feelings of pity that you keep such trauma that will accompany you to the grave and that this follows the abominable hatred that you feel for your fellow human beings, but, Why with our children? Since you remember that you said that children of undocumented parents were faking suffering of autism for gain. In the Bible, dear Michael, says that " With the stick that you measure, you shall be measured" and as you judge without reserve the damage that you can do and not moved by anything, I do the same with you, but without lowering at your levels nor to your condition of chronic congenital psychopath, gotten worse now at your 66 years by a galloping senile dementia.

Moment in which the Clear Channel Security Guard is ordered to close the front door when he saw us walk toward them notice the protesters reflected on the cristal

Michael Savage, I share with the shout that people gave in front of the building of the radio chain from which they allow relief to your necrotic spirit and your nauseous morality, definitively YOU ARE an ANIMAL, because you do not meet the qualities to catalog you to be a human being, and to qualify you as a jerk, would take away dimension to the barbarities that you think and say.

To those at Clear Channel Radio, what a shame gentlemen to allow a " Yerbero" (This is what the Savage studied, ah and anthropology, but it did not serve him well because he didn't discovered himself in his own reality "not human nor social"), I was saying that they allow him to spit his microphones in total unawareness of even a minimum of ethical behavior with his audience, and if they boast that this individual has an audience from coast to coast of 8 million and sell a few dollars more, I will be denouncing their "Star" through the radio and television stations in which I work and that covers all of the Mexican Republic and 16 states in the United States with a modest audience of 86 million people. Be worthy gentlemen and not accomplices to this racist, unless you are one also. Have a good day gentlemen, and may God bless and forgive you.

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