Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain and Palin Guilty of Hate Speech?


October 10, 2008 at 05:00:31
Diary Entry by JOHN LORENZ

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John McCain and Sarah Palin are becoming not only embarrassing with their extreme hate-mongering but they are becoming dangerous as well. I'll explain why:


McCain is becoming more and more of an embarrassment as he gets further behind in the polls. He thinks declaring himself an "underdog" means he will just come from behind and win, as always. I certainly hope this time his little pardigm won't hold up.

He is acting like an idiot, harping on this Ayers thing when the country is going down in flames. But what is worse is that his, and Sarah Palin's inciting their base to become worked up until people start shouting that Obama is a terrorist and shout their hatred and yell 'kill him' should be prosecuted as HATE SPEECH. They are, in fact, inciting some possibly unstable person somewhere to attempt assassination of Barack Obama. I have seen the news reports myself in which followers in McCain's audience become beside themselves with rage and express complete hatred and abandonment to their fanatic hatred.

This is dangerous and ought to be investigated by the FBI as the crime it is. They are going beyond free speech and very possibly inciting people to commit violence. It is very dangerous what they are doing with this demagoguery.

McCain, in his orgy of Obama-bashing, shows that he has no regard for the suffering of average people, but only does what he needs to do to score political points (or at least how he thinks he can score them).

If McCain is an 'underdog' it is because when you scrape away his lying cover rhetoric of being a 'reformer', it is painfully obvious that his policies will be very similar to George W. Bush's: little or no help for average people, endless war and endless debt and NOT A CLUE how to fix this broken economy. He is out of touch and out of ideas and out of time. His underdog status is his OWN FAULT. He has shown disrespect, disregard for civilty and plays fast and loose with the truth on a regular basis. He will say anything, do anything to try and win, no matter how unscrupulous.

Also, I think his trading on his 'hero' status is pretty despicable. Most TRUE heroes don't wear it on their sleeves like this fraud does.

Unless the Republicans succeed in disenfranchsing voters snd hacking the voting machines, I think John McCain will lose. If there are voting irregularities this time, the whole nation needs to have a sustained riot and work stoppage and refusal en masse to pay taxes until the Republicans stop cheating, lying and stealing and GET OUT.

They need to GET OUT. The world and this country are sick of them and their selfish disregard for the USA. They can shout "USA" "USA" all they want but in fact they are un-American.

I am a disabled man living in northern California who cares more about the future of our country than about party affiliation. I am distressed over the downward spiral in our social and political culture.

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