Friday, November 28, 2008

Bill O'Reilly conflates again to pile up hate on the Immigration Debate

For anyone who wonders what hate-speech in it's most pervasive form really looks like, this is a great example.

Bill O'Reilly takes advantage of two tragedies where three inocent people lost their lives, to make the point that immigration is 'out of control, he holds the Government 'responsible' for the 'Immigration Mess' and calls on President-Elect, Barack Obama to deal with the issue, for 'zero tolerance' for 'Illegal' Immigration and hate crimes or more people will end up dead.

November 24, 2008

The Papa Bear conflates an infamous
Long Island hate crime with an infamous NY DUI tragedy
-- and twists the relationship of hate crimes
to the immigration debate. From Crooks and Liars.
He brings up the death of the Ecuadorean man who was killed by 7 young men in Long Island and the case of two women killed in New York by an undocumented immigrant from Afganistan who allegedly was driving while intoxicated.

Anybody who doesn't have an anti-immigrant / Nativist bias, as apparently it is not the case with O'Reilly, will immediately see that the two cases are not even remotely related and that to compare them on the basis of Immigration, is simply dishonest at best, or an attempt to imflame the anti-immigrant sentiment at worst, because it is this kind of 'reporting' that has a more direct co-relational effect on hate crimes against immigrants, documented and undocumented alike, than the 'failed' government policies that O'Reilly is trying to shift the blame to.

Of the two tragedies that O'Reilly brings up on this video clip, the first is a hate crime pure and simple, the second is a drunken driver issue, in the former, that the victim was an hispanic immigrant was central to the case, in the latter, that the drunken driver was also an immigrant, was incidental.

This is not the first time that O'Reilly vehemently ties drunken driver fatalities by undocumented immigrants, to the immigration issue, when in reality any responsible journalist, which O'Reilly clearly isn't, would focus the issue of these tragedies to where they truly correspond, DUIs.

Geraldo Rivera had a heated argument with Bill'O on this issue, Geraldo is on the side that it is not an immigration issue, but a drunken driver one.

The Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera Bust
This is from The Factor 04/05/07
Billo loses the plot when Geraldo questions his motives
about a drunk-driving tragedy in Virginia Beach.
Geraldo is absolutely right in questioning Bill O'Reilly's motives on his portrayal on issues of this matter, he has an agenda that he continually confirms by his biased and inflamatory 'reporting'

O'Reilly catters to an audience already prep by a myriad of anti-immigrant hatemongers in talk radio and tv, i.e., Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, etc., so as to keep such an audience.

By his fixation on the issue of drunken fatalities where undocumented immigrants are involved, ranting against a Media that doesn't cover these tragedies and ties them up to 'illegal' immigration, as he does, he fails to aknowledge that he is in fact part of that Media, furthermore, if he was in reality concerned about these fatalities, instead of shamelessly using the victims for his motives and aims, he could be actively reporting on the problem of DUIs in general.

For all that I've said above, I can't help but to come to the following conclussion: He doesn't give a hoot about the drunken driver victims, he is only concerned in furthering his agenda and increase his benefits in a most despicable way; by contributing to the hate, intolerance and violence.

The nerve of this man, he calls for an end to hate crimes while contributing to the hate and intolerance.

Indeed, I insist on my claim that this is the most insiduos, hence pervasive form of hate speech in the Media; inflamatory against a group while neglecting a real problem, driving under the influence.

NOTE: Alcohol and drug abuse is a real problem in all communities, speaking about the Hispanic / Latino one, there is an ongoing aggressive educational campaign amongst it's members to curve the incidences of drivers mixing driving and alcohol.

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