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Nativist propaganda film “Border” coming to Blockbuster’s?


December 17, 2008 by Advocate

The nativist hate groups such as Willy Gheen’s ALIPAC, have a new vehicle of propaganda on the market. ‘Border’, by Director Chris Burgard

Websites such as Netflix and have it. Blockbuster has taken the high road, and does not offer it in their inventory.

Gheen and other’s would like to change that and we have the opportunity to block their efforts.

Those that find this type hate documentaries offensive and want to keep them out of the hands of our children, take a moment and send a quick message to Blockbuster and let them know how offensive this is to you.

Send your comments to Blockbuster and let them know you appreciate their responsible behavior in keeping this trash out of the mainstream.

NO Socially Redeeming Value

BORDER is an unrated DVD that claims to have been nominated or won numerous awards at “film festivals” many of us have never heard of. I can imagine though, that some of the “festivals” were held in cow pastures in rural North Carolina as part of the entertainment before the lynching or obligatory cross burning.

This film is nothing more than a muckraking documentary designed to generate a mass wave of fear and hysteria about this contentious issue, and it serves this purpose well.

The blog posts surrounding this film show just how far out in left field this pseudo documentary really is.

They cite an eight year old “study” by the hate group Center for Immigration Studies that claims;

says that 33.1 million legal and illegal immigrants were living in the US. This makes them 11.5% of the country’s population and 6% of the nation’s eligible voters.

The same reviews are scattered with photos of dead and decaying corpses and the promoters of this film would have you believe the desert is carpeted with tens of thousands of these bodies.

They make the claim that;

US Government Quietly Promotes Rape and Murder on American Soil

They want to instill the irrational fear that they believe in, the hysteria and xenophobia that controls their own lives and which they wish you to experience.

These people are not just innocent women and children looking for a better life either. These Mexican immigrants include a staggering number of drug cartels, terrorists, and cruel criminals that pose a threat to each and every person living in this country.

I’m already trembling………. With disgust and this brazen propaganda.

President Bush doesn’t escape the slander either.

He blatantly allows women to be brutally raped and murdered in America’s backyard.

The film promotes the lies that the attraction to the US for these people is all the free welfare and social programs that will come their way.

When you dangle the American Dream in front of the Mexican people and offer them free social programs as well as better paying jobs than they will ever see in their own country

The US Government knows who the drug cartel leaders are and where they live. There must be some reason they allow these scary individuals to continue making more than 110 million dollars A DAY! Why would they allow the raping and murdering to continue? Maybe it is to save money so they can pay for health care and social programs.

And what would be fanning the flames of hysteria without playing the “Terrorist” card as quoted above. Despite the fact that according to FBI and DEA records, no terrorists nor terrorist cells have been found in Mexico nor any “terrorists” captured trying to infiltrate the US.

Do you know that thanks to the weak Mexican border Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and other narco-terrorist groups could be living right next door to you? Maybe they work with you and send their children to school with your kids. These groups thrive in South America and Mexico and enter the US freely through its unprotected borders. In fact, Hezbollah terror cells have entered in to the US through the Mexican border and have been found in Minneapolis, MN, Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Buffalo, NY, and Charlotte, NC just to name a few.

An estimated 98% of all illegal contraband including humans cross our border unchecked every year. Border State Law Enforcement is not to blame here either. They catch approximately 1 out of every 4 illegal entrants in the country. Many of them are not just Mexican, but also terrorists and other drug runners from all over the world including South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Perhaps what is scariest of all is the fact that both governments not only allow this to continue, but actually promote this nightmare.

Take a moment and write to Blockbuster. I did and also made my feelings known to Amazon.


Hate speech in the media: A threat to the internal security of the U.S.
Aurora Grajeda, Sep 04, 2008

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Chris said...

According to Mexican Reconquista radicals any criticism of illegal immigration is deemed "racist". In truth its your assault on American freedom of speech and expression that must be dealt with and mark my words, we WILL deal with it. You're a bunch of liars, Anti-White bigots and anarchist/communistas. You could not make it in the third world cesspool you crawled out of so now you want to shit on my country. I don't think so. Piss off.

Anonymous said...

I used your link to Blockbuster to tell them that "The Border" is a great and accurate documentary of the current state of affairs along the US/Mexico border.
Mexico is falling apart,4500 dead in gang wars this year. Go home and fix your own country.

Aurora said...

Jim, I'm glad we were of service for you to express your opinion, that you have a right to do.

I agree that there exists a very ugly situation in Mexico as a result of the drug traffic, you suggest to fix my own country; I was born in Mexico but for the last 40 years I have lived in the US, my children and grandchildren were born here, the US is both their country and mine, I'm working very hard at doing whatever I can to fix my country of origin and my adoptive country because, albeit you may not believe it, I love and care for both very much, as a love other countries, because they are also populated by human beings who also deserve to live in a better world where peaceful living is possible.

I'd like to remind you that the drug traffic is made possible, in large part, by a country of consumers, I have the crazy idea that in the drug market, taking out the demand will finish or at least curtail the supply, you know, the forces that supposedly control the market, so, there is a lot that needs fixing in these United States too.

You cite 4500 dead in gang wars in Mexico this year, in and by itself it is very regrettable but to balance our conversation, I will just cite you a very little discussed numbers:
Crime statistics by Nation
The United States has the dubious distinction of being #1 in crimes in the world with 11,877,218 crimes,
Mexico occupies the #12 spot with 1,516,029

I'm not trying to make comparisons, I'm just pointing out that we have a big problem with violence all over and that we must look at the whole picture and not just focus on selected facts to justify blame and intolerance for a group, that according to statistics, is less likely as a group to commit crimes, in fact, the Hispanic / Latino Community has a lower percentage of crimes commited as compared to the rest of the population.

Persons like you, for whatever reason makes you do it, conflate the facts to misrepresent reality which results in tragic consequences.

In closing, I'm glad you visited our site and use one of our links to make your opinion known and I'm also glad you provided me with the opportunity to attempt to counteract your points.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with Aurora!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Answer to Chris: First, there is NO such thing as a "reconquista" movement going on. This is just another boogie-man scare tactic created by the ignorant anti-immigrants. Really, Mexico can not even handle what they got, let alone more land. I happen to have full knowledge that in Mexico nobody, I mean NOBODY dwells on the lost territory; they have much bigger problems to worry about.

Answer to Jim: With regards about your comment of "fix your own country" - Mexico will be "fixed" the day that United States stops it's huge demand for drugs. You all bunch of ignorant bigots must look at yourselves first and assume your own responsibility of the problem. It is a bi-lateral problem that the two countries are as much involved as the other.

One last comment to all the Chris and Jims out there: If you ever used drugs, experimented with drugs, dealt drugs, etc. then YOU HAVE BLOOD IN YOUR HANDS AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING IN BUSINESS THE NARCO-TERRORIST. So my advise to you is to "FIX" your own country's (USA)drug addiction first, and also you must stop sending powerful weapons to the cartels!!! and then maybe then you can criticise other countries!

Aurora said...

Follow-up to forabrigherfuture's comment,

I hear with amazement the claims of 'reconquista', you are absolutely right and I'll just add hoping that the Chris and Jims will read it and ponder this: We are talking a big chunk of territory, more than 2,000,000 square kilometers, that will be California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Utah and Nevada.

Think for a minute, if these territories were to be 'returned' to Mexico, that country would cease to exist immediately, because the new citizens would be the majority and, imperfect as it is, Mexico is also supposed to be a "Democratic Republic" With a Constitution that would grant equal rights to it's new inhabitants, I'd assume that could be the logical agreement.

The 'reconquista' fable is not only silly, it is out-of-this-world laughable.