Monday, December 22, 2008

Sheriff Arpaio Takes On President Obama and AG Eric Holder! Oh My!


Sheriff Joe Arpaio says "I´m Not Stopping!" and he plans to continue (Racial Profiling) crime sweeps and raids aimed at illegal immigrants and businesses that employ them regardless of any changes made by President Obama or A.G. Eric Holder.
The Phoenix Business Journal Reports:
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says scrutiny of racial and ethnic profiling by incoming President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will not deter his get-tough approach to illegal immigration.
“I’m not stopping,” said Arpaio. The Republican sheriff said he plans to continue crime sweeps and raids aimed at illegal immigrants and businesses that employ them. The Obama administration and Holder are expected to increase the focus on racial and ethnic profiling by police. Critics of Arpaio’s immigration enforcement argue the sheriff’s office targets Hispanics and such actions take away from more serious investigations. Arpaio said his immigration sweeps are nondiscriminatory and if people have complaints they can contact federal authorities. “Go ahead and take them to the FBI,” said Arpaio, who just won reelection to a fifth term. Arpaio said another immigration sweep will soon occur. The U.S. Justice Department under Obama is expected to put a greater focus on discrimination, corporate corruption and consumer protection cases compared with the Bush administration’s priorities in national security, child pornography, sex rings and immigration. Public opinion polls generally show support in Maricopa County for Arpaio’s get-tough policies.
There are an estimated 579,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona, most coming from Mexico, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. The U.S. recession and housing troubles have reduced the flow of migrants and sent some undocumented workers back to that country. Arizona also is a key entry point into the U.S. for drug traffickers and other smugglers as northern Mexico cities are besieged by drug cartels, which reach into the Phoenix area with gun purchases and other activity.

Meanwhile his deputies make veiled threats about the President!
The Phoenix New Times Blog reports:..Arizona ACORN director Monica Sandschafer on the porch of the dreaded Fourth Avenue Jail, moments after she had been released after spending a day in stir, she related the following. Seems she was checking out of the facility, when the deputy overseeing her paperwork struck up a political conversation with her, noting that, "You guys [ACORN members] are all for Obama." Sandschafer suggested that this was not a bad thing as Obama won the election, right? The deputy's response was right out of the Lee Harvey Oswald joke book. "He goes, `Oh, well, for a short time anyway...he (Obama) might suffer from the JFK syndrome,'" recounted Sandschafer. "And I said, `Well, let's hope not,'" Sandschafer told the deputy, who then went on to inform her that he'd voted for Bush three times, apparently referring to Bushes I and II.
Some in Maricopa county are calling Arpaio a cross between Bull Connor and Judge Roy Bean! If they add a dash of the Cowardly Lion, they might be right!!

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