Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Anti-Latino Hate Crime Hits the News Two Months After It Happened



Via / Intelligent Aboriginal News Service, SPLC

On November 19th of last year, a 19 year old Latino male was was knocked unconscious and then repeatedly stomped and kicked in the head by individuals who allegedly have ties to a white supremacist gang. The unidentified young man has permanent brain damage and is now in a long term care facility. In other words, his life will never be the same. The attack, which was clearly attempted murder, happened in Hemet, California, an area that has had a growing white white supremacist activity.

Crystal Lee McCann, 22, Derek Shane O'Brien, 22 and Darrin Peter Thibault, 24, were arrested between Dec. 19 and Thursday in connection with the Nov. 14 beating of a 19-year-old Latino whose name has not been released.

Thibault, arrested Dec. 19, has been arraigned on charges of attempted murder, membership in a criminal gang and assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, with gang, serious felony and great bodily injury allegations, according to court records.

McCann, arrested Dec. 26, has pleaded not guilty to attempting to dissuade a witness and gang allegations. She is to be arraigned Tuesday.

O'Brien was arrested Thursday on suspicion of attempted murder, violation of probation and membership in a criminal street gang. He is also to be arraigned Tuesday.

The first person arrested, Justin Tyme Hayes, 21, has been charged with attempted murder and participating in a criminal street gang, with serious felony, great bodily injury and gang activity allegations. He has pleaded not guilty.

There is so much talk about fighting gangs and so much of that effort on the law enforcement side is focused in neighborhood of color, harassing young people for merely existing.

Where is the effort to fight racist gangs, organized and not? Where is the effort to stop the hate speech that is spread in the mainstream media, perpetuating myths that the brown people are the cause of all the problems because they are stealing health benefits, stealing access to education, steal housing and won't speak English?

From California, to Oakland, to Suffolk County Long Island, to Gaza, it seems that living in the wrong skin, with the wrong tongue, with the wrong flag is enough to make you a target and deemed worthless.

Yes, they are all connected.


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