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Friends - Please take the time to read this entire document, and explore its related links. It is the single most important information you need, to understand and counter-attack what's behind the anti-Latino/anti-Immigrant movement:

It is extremely important that all the organizations and everybody in this country that are fighting against the hate-speech, anti-minorities, and the anti-immigrant/anti-Latino monster, to finally target the head of the snake.
We are never going to accomplish fairness until we get to the head of the snake. The xenophobic snake has always being there, it has managed to infiltrate every important branch of our society, including politics, education, the English Media and shamefully even the SPANISH MEDIA / Univision!
The xenophobic evil snake has manipulatively "conducted" "studies and research" that portrays minorities, specifically Latinos and Blacks as inferior sub-classes. In the last few years, the evil monster has concentrated on attacking, scapegoating and demonizing Hispanics and Latino-Immigrants.
The evil racist monster is John Tanton/FAIR, he has created a web of anti-immigrant organizations, but its HEAD IS The Federation for American Immigration Reform, whom cleverly goes by the initials of "FAIR". Its founder is John Tanton, MD

As reported by the great pro-civil, pro-human, pro-immigrant rights and highly respected organization SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER

John Tanton


"John Tanton is the racist architect of the modern anti-immigrant movement. He created a network of organizations – the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA – that have profoundly shaped the immigration debate in the United States."


John Tanton is the "son of Hitler" with a long life dream of anti-Latino/anti-Mexican ethnic cleansing. He is the master-mind of an extensive web of well-funded and cleverly named organizations. John Tanton/FAIR have cleverly and strategically recruited some Blacks, Hispanics, Union members and Environmentalists. He has financially funded such groups as "Choose Black America", "You Don't Speak For Me (Hispanics)", and has managed to become a Board member of respected environmental groups such as the Sierra Club.
To view a graphic of his evil web:


FAIR, by cleverly using non-threatening names for its organizations, has managed to create a "moderate non/partisan" image. But in reality they are everything the opposite. In fact they are extremists, nativists, fundamentalists, and white-supremacists. - FAIR has cleverly managed to infiltrate politics, education, and media in order to shape anti-immigrant opinions and legislation:

"The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest. FAIR seeks to improve border security, to stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest—more traditional rates of about 300,000 a year. With more than 250,000 members and supporters nationwide, FAIR is a non-partisan group whose membership runs the gamut from liberal to conservative.Our grassroots networks help concerned citizens use their voices to speak up for effective, sensible immigration policies that work for America's best interests. FAIR’s publications and research are used by academics and government officials in preparing new legislation.National and international media regularly turn to us to understand the latest immigration developments and to shed light on this complex subject.FAIR has been called to testify on immigration bills before Congress more than any organization in America"


Friends, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities: Our corporate Media is a joke, every single English network only covers the surface and headlines of the news. Nobody bothers any more to do in-depth investigative reporting.

Shockingly even Univision/Spanish has not bother to investigate its guests and out of ignorance often invites members of FAIR, including John Tranton!!! to voice its "moderate" opinion of the opposition in debates and news of immigration and education.

Out of all the English corporate Media networks and outlets ONLY MSNBC-Investigative Journalist Rachel Maddow has done her job and research and recently on her TV show, exposed FAIR for what they really are and its connections with the racist Arizona law SB-1070.

Presentely NHMC and us HLADC are in the process of trying to contact Univision with the attempt to try to educate them and to urge them to do their research well before they invite such extremists as John Tanton and/or members of FAIR.

It is a huge mistake and extremely dangerous to allow/invite Tanton/FAIR to every single Spanish/English-Media event related to immigration/education/legislation. By mingling with our minorities community and groups, Tanton/FAIR will do its best to also infect and divide our communities - as it has already successfully done by infecting and dividing many members of the White-American community.

ACTION: For everybody's benefit and for the sake of our Country's future, safety, civility and harmony we URGE YOU ALL TO be proactive, take action and contact the Network/Networks (English & Spanish), condemn their judgment of inviting extremists and demand for fairness and civility in our Media when it relates to such sensitive issues as race, immigration, education, legislation, etc.

BELOW YOU WILL FIND SPECIFIC RESEARCH on who is behind Arizona's SB-1070 (yes John Tranton)


IMAGINE 2050 - -

Russell Pearce: The Public Face of S.B. 1070

Posted By Stephen Piggott On May 26, 2010

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready and Russell Pearce

Russell Pearce is the smiling face of S.B. 1070. The Arizona State Senator has reveled in the limelight since the racist bill was signed last month. He earns his living bashing immigrants and is a hero for the anti-immigrant movement in Arizona. Pearce’s history, however, is far from cheerful; it involves Nazis, domestic violence and xenophobia.

Pearce is a member [2] of State Legislators for Legal Immigration, a coalition of anti-immigrant state-elected officials. As a partner of the John Tanton Network [3], a web of controversial anti-immigrant organizations

Orchestrated by John Tanton, State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI) serves as the local legislative arm of the network. Pearce has many more connections to the Tanton Network. He was the chief sponsor of the racist S.B. 1070 bill in Arizona. The bill was drafted by Kris Kobach of the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) the legal arm of the Tanton Network. Pearce recently spoke [4] at a membership meeting of the Texans for Immigration Reform, a group listed on FAIR’s website as a state contact. [5]

Pearce has been accused of violence and apparently enjoys the company of other violent people, including neo-Nazis. According to his 1980 dissolution of marriage petition [6], Pearce allegedly, “is possessed with a violent temper, and has from time to time hit and shoved his wife, the last time being on February 3rd, when he grabbed the wife by the throat and threw her down.” Pearce’s wife didn’t end up divorcing him however, and they are still married to this day [7].
This [8] is a picture of Pearce in 2007 with a man named J.T. Ready. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, J.T. Ready is an outright neo-Nazi who wrote the following on a white nationalist message board in December 2007,
“The truth is that negroids screw monkeys and rape babies in afreaka [sic]. Then stupid white man who licks kosher jew rear lets negroids in. … Stop Negroid immigration and integration now!!! Nature will take care of the rest.”

Pearce’s connections to neo-Nazis don’t stop with J.T. Ready. In 2006, he forwarded an email to his supporters from a neo-Nazi group [9]. The email contained an article that, “criticized the media for promoting multiculturalism and racial equality, and for presenting the Holocaust as fact.”

Shockingly, the connections to neo-Nazis don’t even stop there! On June 5th Pearce will be speaking [10] at an anti-immigrant rally in Phoenix. The rally is being organized [11] by a man named Daniel Smeriglio who has participated in anti-immigrant rallies [12] in his home state of Pennsylvania with former neo-Nazi Steve Smith. Smith belonged to the same neo-Nazi group [13], the National Alliance, which Russell Pearce passed on to his supporters via email in 2006.

Looking at his history, it’s no surprise that Pearce happily takes credit for a racist law. The question remains, what other evil plans does he have in store for Arizona?

Article printed from IMAGINE 2050:

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Vicente Duque said...

Tale of a White Father, Latina Mother :

Ethriam Brammer : Racial problems inside my car - Testimony before the US Commission on Civil Rights - Arizona’s SB 1070 and Michigan’s newly proposed HB 6256

The Big Problem of being BiRacial : This guy has a Blonde Blue-eyed father and a Latina Mother.

U.S.-Mexico Immigration News Stories
US Commission on Civil Rights - Arizona’s SB 1070 and Michigan’s newly proposed HB 6256
By Ethriam Brammer
June 18, 2010

Some excerpts :

For those of you who are still naïve enough to believe that racial profiling would not take place in Michigan with the enactment of this bill, I would like to conclude by demonstrating how racial profiling on the U.S.-Mexican border is a way of daily life back home.

How do I know? My father is white.

Like so many things a child doesn’t understand about his or her parents until older, I never understood why my mother hated to drive. Whether consciously or simply a result of internalized racism, quite simply, my mother doesn’t drive, because we were treated differently with my father behind the wheel.

Whether it was going across the U.S.-Mexican border or the California-Arizona border, we were treated differently when my blued-eyed, rusty blonde-haired father smiled and spoke to law enforcement agents. It was the same at the border check-points north of the border as well, because you can’t travel from El Centro to San Diego or Phoenix without stopping at a U.S. border check point—as children, we couldn’t even go to Disneyland without passing through multiple border check points, without ever leaving the U.S.

During my last visit to see my parents back in California, I told my wife to pack all of our passports, including those of our two children. She asked if I planned to cross the border into Mexico. And when I told her no, she asked why we had to bring all of our passports.

Luckily for us, she did it; because, between the airport and my parents’ house, we were stopped on the freeway by border patrol. My wife has a doctorate from an Ivy League institution. We are both college instructors and administrators. We were driving a brand new rental car, which had no broken lights; our two children were buckled into car seats; and, I was not speeding. But driving while brown in that border region constitutes reasonable suspicion.

Had we not had our American passports, we may have well all been detained. My two year-old daughter and my four year-old son, ripped crying and screaming from their mother’s arms and placed into the custody of Child Protective Services—which is what they do with kids when parents are detained.

The life-long pain and emotional scars inflicted by such a heart-wrenching experience is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, much less on any neighbor that I profess to love.

Is this the kind of border our state legislature envisions for Michigan?

And what do I tell my children if this measure passes in Michigan? How do I explain to my son, who looks remarkably like my red-haired, blue-eyed father, that he doesn’t have to carry his passport to school every day; but, his sister, who looks like me, does, lest she be arrested and taken away from us by any Detroit police officer or Wayne County sheriff under threat of law suit to do just that?

Vicente Duque