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CNN, please compare and explain difference in R. Sanches and L. Dobbs behavior and firings.

We are against all kinds of Hate Speech and believe that for repeat offenders, there should be consequences.
But any rules of sanctions should be fair and equally applied, but so far, CNN is falling far short on the first real test on how just, fair and even handed that news outlet really is.
Our dear friend Cynthia writes this:
CNN firing Rick Sanchez, What do you think about it?
One part of us think:
That Rick should've known better before blabbing out (of all people, against the Jews) in a radio interview ( ) .

Many of us were supporters of Rick originally because he replaced lou dobbs, and he is a nice guy that can be talented, but increasingly his show got goofier when it increased in time; and he filled up the time with silly "lists"; and we became less interested.

Another part of us think:
that it was unfair for CNN to fired Rick so quickly, it only took CNN a few hours to fire Rick, after his controversial radio interview.
In the interview Rick makes some comments that "Jews own CNN and all the media, and that Jews are hardly an oppressed minority, etc."- but because Rick offended the Jews he got fired real quick.

Comparing to what Rick said in just seconds about Jews is roses, to what Lou Dobbs said daily for years and years about Mexicans and Latinos is pure evil. How long did it take CNN to fire Lou Dobbs? better yet, how many YEARS did it take CNN to fire Dobbs? too many years! - and the decision to fire dobbs didn't come from CNN management only, the pressure to fire Dobbs came from us the grass roots and other organizations.

So the conclusion is that once again, it is okay to not only "offend", but is perfectly okay and encouraged to insult, vilify, scapegoat, and demonize Mexicans and Latinos.

We have sent emails to CNN with our thoughts on these, and we urge you to do the same.


"Too many people are ignorant of the controlling forces. We should not have to search for accurate information, yet we must"
I'm not surprised that Cynthia more or less had the same thoughts on it that I had.
A made a comment on a Diary at Daily Kos, it was written by a Jewish person who says in his post "Re-instate Rick Sanchez"

"I guess I've always thought people deserve second chances, and I believe that should include Sanchez in this case. As someone who is Jewish and who has also felt insecure because of being an outsider (which I know proves Sanchez's point wrong in itself), I think he's probably learned a lot from this error and might end up being a better newsman because of it. Or not.

But as someone who has every right to be offended by his comment, I just wanted to say I don't think he should be fired.

Does anyone agree with me? I'm guessing my view is probably the minority opinion this time..".

I think the Diarist has good points that I agree with and has a good heart.
But I just couldn't shake to compare in my head, the very long time that it took CNN to do something about Lou Dobbs, who went for years and years attacking the Latino/Mexican Community with lies, innuendos, etc., and he was so insidious and evil as I see it, because he sounded so reasonable and caring while coldly injecting his poison.
And comparing it to what Rick Sanchez did, I can't help to compare, as Cynthia and many other people are doing, what if Lou Dobbs had insulted/attacked/defamed the Jewish people, would it have taken as long and as much pressure to take action that it took to act on his anti Brown People attacks?
Here are my thoughts, written around 3 a.m. after ponderind and wondering if I could be labeled an anti-Semitic by saying what my heart felt and what my head was telling me:

Again, and why did L. Dobbs stayed that long? (4+ / 0-)

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Didn't he hammered the Latino, no, more like the Mexican Community with lies and innuendos but it took several campaigns, boycotts and international pressure to get him out of there?

And as for Fox News hosts and Clear Channel's hatemongers, they say the most horrible things, ethnic slurs, lies, et al.

Yes, Rick let his perception go out loudly, but I ask you:

Do you think Low Dobbs would have stayed that long if he had attacked Jewish people?

And I don't think that even Fox minions would outlast for long an anti-Jewish comment, they would be out of there so fast, that....

Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and an army of Right Wing Nuts earn their daily bread by attacking Brown People and they continue to have a job.

Hey, we kind of notice stuff like that, not only that, we protest, petition, what-have-you-not, and nothing happens to them.

Am I Anti-Semitic? I don't think so, but if having a profound dislike of the Jews in the Right Wing of Israel qualifies as being anti-Semitic, then, I am one.

Also, I rail a lot about racists, nativists, etc., who I believe are very dangerous and I have a deep dislike for them, and since Whites have a majority in these groups, am I an anti-White Folk?

What I'm saying is that there is very fast action if someone is just mildly critical of the State of Israel, first thing that happens is the pinning of anti-Semitic label, and if it is a person who is Jewish the one who is verbally attacked, watch out!!!
Abracadabra!!! You are out of here!

And as for Ricky, who I generally like, I feel there should be harsh penaltie$ for $tupidity --

Hey, what an idea, we should have a law that penalize$ $tupidity, then we just hang around Republicans' suckers, i.e., Teabaggers and I bet we could make a big dent in the National Debt.

Just making a comment on this and on what I perceive, Rick has seen it too.

It's past bedtime for me (West Coast), so any comments on my comments, I'll reply in the morning.

Good morning,

There were a couple of comments on my comment, here they are:

no. you are not anti-semetic (0+ / 0-)

If every one that makes a bigoted comment gets fired, probably not a good least you know where they stand. I would expect firing for the most offensive remarks. This one is questionable and it makes sanchez look like he was right.

Slick2009 makes an excellent point, while I don't subscribe to a "Jewish Conspiracy", I do ponder on how swift and effectively action is taken even on a critique of the State of Israel.

Pat Buchanan once said gays should be... (3+ / 0-)

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incarcerated in camps, to stop the spread of AIDS.

He is still on MSNBC nearly every day. Every Sunday. Opinionating. Respected. Foul.


Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night.

by Glorfindel on Sat Oct 02, 2010 at 06:35:38 AM PDT

At this time a point HAS TO BE MADE, we need to have the FCC and the NTIA to open a docket on Hate Speech, it's forms and standard regulations which should be forcefully and equally applied.


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