Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to March Chained Immigrant Detainees Through Town to New Tent City

El Rinconcito de Aurora
The hate and ego in this man knows no bounds, words fail to describe him, to call him an animal would be an insult to animals.
Doesn't this act falls under the category of 'cruel and inhuman treatment?' this
humiliation to the detainees is clearly an attempt to punish, isn't he overstepping his authority?
If he goes through and carries out his plans, the least we can do is to file a complain with the United Nation's Human Rights Commission for this clear violation of Universal Human Rights.


SOURCE: Candela A.

Arpaio humiliates undocumented detainees
Published by Alfredo Gutierrez - 03/02/2009
Presumably undocumented detainees will be denied Healthcare at the new electrified facility.

The undocumented detainees, all of which have not yet been tried or convicted of any crime, will pose no danger:

The consolidation of a large number of illegal aliens into Tent City, Arpaio says, should pose no substantial security problems as the area where they will be housed is protected by an electric fence.

"This is a population of criminals more adept perhaps at escape," the Sheriff says. "But this is a fence they won't want to scale because they risk receiving quite a shock - literally."

There is no statistical evidence presented that indicates that undocumented detainees are more likely to escape.

This may not be the last time that undocumented detainees are marched about and publicly humiliated in Phoenix Arizona.

“And anyone found to violate jail rules, may end up on a chain gang. This chain gang will work to clean the areas of the valley, which have been impacted by human trafficking trade.”

The public spectacle already being compared to the parading of slaves in the ante-bellum south will be covered and live blogged by La Frontera Times on Wednesday the 4th of February.
MIGRA MATTERS Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sheriff Joe to March Immigrant Detainees Through Town to New Tent City

Wow. One of the more disturbing parts of the statement is the description of when and how the immigrants will be forced to march along with a map and parking instructions for those who wish to witness the event. Parading shackled detainees for public viewing is disgusting.

As a Jewish American it is deeply offensive to see an elected official brazenly flaunt the oppressive treatment of a people whose only crimes were entering the United States without documentation. The dire situation in Arizona is a shameful insult to the democratic freedoms of this country, and should draw cries of outrage from anyone who values the sacrifices our nation has made in the face of oppression.

We’ve seen this pattern in history before. First comes the bigoted propaganda and deprivation of basic human rights, then the intimidation, the detentions, the chains and the forced labor, and sometimes, god forbid, we see the worst. We saw it in Nazi Germany, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the Japanese American Internment Camps, the Trail of Tears…the list goes on.

It’s the same old story. Just with a different tyrant - Joe Arpaio.

*Dan Weiss is a Chicago Hip Hop artist and the coordinator of the Center for New Community’s Hip Hop Project.
Imagine 2050
Stop Arizona. Stop Arpaio. Stop the Circus.
February 4, 2009 by Rev. David L. Ostendorf

After marches, sheriff, what’s next? Box cars?

Frankly, however, the question before us is why this shoddy sheriff is getting away with “law enforcement” run amok. Where are the lawsuits against him? Where are the protests to shut him down? Where are the arrests for civil disobedience? Where are the incensed civic and religious leaders? Where are the civil and human rights advocates? Where is the national immigrant rights movement? Where are the politicians? Where is the federal government? Where?

Ten thousand prisoners in a county jail? A tent city for overflow, with an electrified fence? We’ve seen this horror show before. This is an incarceration empire emerging, generously supported by the people of Arizona. The state government recently gaveArpaio 1.6 million dollars back to fight “illegal immigration,” in spite of his tactics. If immigrant prisoners misbehave, we’re assured, they will be on a chain gang cleaning up the valley. Welcome to theWeimar Republic in the desert.

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