Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What’s The Message?

While Palin has often claimed that Obama doesn’t say much (though he is ‘eloquent’) the truth is Palin says nothing at all of any real worth. Her job is apparently to rile crowds into racist and terrorist remarks and threats through speaking of “our values” and “our beliefs”. On this issue McCain had nothing to say at the final debate other than he didn’t agree with it. But surely he’s more than happy to have Palin rile up these crowds if it means a vote.

I believe, quite simply put, that McCain equals irresponsibility. His party’s rallies remind me too much of anti-migrant rallies. It’s actually quite scary and one should note how McCain is always spewing hateful rhetoric even when he’s trying to be positive. If he (or Palin) is talking about keeping the world ’safe’ - he’s singing “bomb, bomb Iran” and if they’re talking about ‘Main street’ then they’re claiming that those neighbors of yours that ‘just don’t work hard enough’ are your enemy. And surely the migrants are your enemy because the poor are always the enemy. Just ask The Heritage Foundation who is proping up McCain through their ’study’ on his tax plan.

When it comes to Palin’s constant talk about “our values” and “our beliefs” I have to ask what this has to do with the Presidency. If the idea of America is that you are free then why do we need Palin pushing her beliefs on us? And speaking of what we stand for and the struggling ‘common man/woman’ should we all get shopping sprees in New York that go over $100k? I love to hear the McCain/Palin ticket hawk the idea that Obama wants to take the money of those without while McCain is worth millions upon millions and Palin is now being showered with wardrobes worth more than the average home.

As far as I’m concerned if you vote for McCain you need your head checked. He’s manipulating truth just like Bush does and even Buchanan thinks McCain will make Bush look like Gandhi.

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